Hello I have shared my meals for a whole week on keto and it was amazing.My belly fat has reduced plus other benefits like better sleep,alertness and many more.Since i am a food lover lacking certain ingredients has ,made me decide to take a break from keto till i have collected them.

These ingredients are not compulsory for keto I just need them since am a serious foodie:

  • almond flour (bulk)
  • coconut flour fine (bulk)
  • swerve granulated and confectioners sugar (baking) (bulk)
  • stevia drops (powdered one in Kenya unbearable)
  • psylium husk (baking)
  • xantham gum
  • miracle noodles (keto pasta)
  • keto breadcrumbs
  • avocado oil (2 litre)
  • olive oil for cooking (2 litres)
  • cream of tartar
  • wheat-grass by Dr,Berg
  • nutritional yeast
  • lily’s keto chocolate chips

As with these ingredients I will able to substitute all my favourite non keto food for a long period since when i do keto again it will be for 6-12 months non stop.

Thanks for following my week in keto.

I will have more posts but not keto reacted till I have collected the ingredients above.


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