8 Ways I use Coconut Oil

8 Ways I use Coconut Oil


I love coconut oil and these are some of the ways I use it.

1.To make my two strand twist outs.

I just apply coconut oil to my hair after misting it with some water then I twist it.



2.To do Oil Pulling


What is oil pulling?

Is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth to improve your gum health and draw out toxins.

You put it in your mouth and swish for 5-10 minutes then spit it out.

Benefits of oil pulling

  • reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth.
  • improves overall gum health.
  • can help to reduce bad breath.
  • prevents dryness of the throat
  • prevents some mouth diseases
  • acts as a safer mouth wash
  • reduces the stain on the teeth with time

3.Heels cracked feet with continued use



  • I wash my feet at night
  • pat dry them
  • apply coconut oil
  • massage it in
  • wear a warm sock
  • go to bed

With continued use my cracked feet got a lot better and if you do not want to sleep with the socks that can work as well just not as efficient.It also helps strengthen tissues underneath the epidermis and also oils tend to work better than lotions because lotions absorb into the skin more quickly.

4.As a moisturizer for your feet


After a warm bath cover your legs with coconut oil and it acts as an amazing moisturizer. Our ancestors used it before lotions were invented and it works.

5.Soften dry elbows

Apply coconut oil to your elbows and knees and it will soften it with time.The knees and elbows tend to get dry more than any other region so they need extra care and for even faster results used coconut oil that is slightly warmed.

6.As diy lip-balm and moisturizer


Apply it regularly  to your lips and you will have moisturised lips and it works better than commercial lip-balms that can sometimes make your lips dry how ironical.Make sure you are not among the few people whose lips do not react well with coconut oil.Just do a test on a small area on your lips and if nothing happens then you are good.

7.A hair and scalp moisturizer.


Apply it on your scalp to stimulate hair growth and  massage it in well for 2 minutes.It better than using that hair food that is applied to your scalp in the salons that is just grease.

8.Lipstick remover

It works well as a makeup remover especially for lipstick.The lipstick am wearing is glossy not matte.It is safer than applying makeup remover cleansers which are harsh chemicals to your gentle lips.


So those are some of  the ways I use coconut oil  in my everyday life.

Do you use coconut oil?Let me know below.



4 thoughts on “8 Ways I use Coconut Oil

    1. I don’t cook with it since everything ends up tasting like coconut which can ruin some recipes but I hear there is a coconut oil for cooking without the coconut flavour, if I find it it will replace my veg oil.

  1. Hi Mercy, does it strengthen hair.. Does it work for hairline???? I bought one in liquid form hope it works

    1. Coconut oil should be solid like during cold weather if it is the real coconut oil,it does strengthen hair but for hairline use castor oil,a post about castor oil is coming soon.

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